TMT Re-Bars Grades FE 500,500D FE550, FE550D & FE600
TMT Rebars range:-
8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm

High Strength for Critical Applications

The AF Star / MS Life Re-bars Fe 500D is a special grade of TMT Re-bars produced under specific process conditions resulting in increased strength as compared to Fe 415/415D grade TMT Re-bars. Fe 500D Re-bars are ideal for applications in heavy load structures like airport, dams, flyover, national highway, bridges and other critical structures where high yield load is required without compromising on the ductility. In addition to the features of AF Star / MS Life TMT Re-bars exhibit the following characteristics

Special Weld ability

AF Star / MS Life TMT Re-bars do not require pre or post welding treatment as they have low carbon content and are produced under controlled thermo mechanical treatment.