AFStar Cut & Bend TMT Steel Bars

Almost every structure comes with its own unique requirements of design while AF Star Cut and bend are manufactured as per standard specifications. The practice of cutting and bending them at construction site to meet individual requirements can be loss of quality, labour intensive, time consuming and results in enormous material wastage.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution AF Star has introduced ready-to-use Cut and Bend TMT bars. At its Cut and Bend unit, that employs the latest Italian technology, TMT bars are customized to lengths and bends at required angles, in order to meet the project requirements. This fast and efficient service is capable of managing inventories better by not losing the strength, reducing material wastage and production costs, apart from ensuring aesthetically superior clean and strong bars, which are made available right at the site.

Advantage of using Cut & Bend Rebars: Better Time Management:

AF Star is delivered on an "On Time Delivery" policy; i.e. it will be delivered within 7 to 15 days after finalization of the BBS thereby significantly reducing pressure at the project manager's end to adhere to deadlines.


Customer pays for the theoretical blueprint weight only and saves on waste, processing or freight.

Unmatched Quality:

AF Star is made from Virgin iron ore giving it superior strength and ductility than the secondary steel rebars in the market. It is also cut and bent by high precision machines making it the best in class in the category of ready to use TMT bars.

Timely Completion of project:

The economic benefits of AF Star extend well beyond significantly reduced placement and overall construction costs. The faster a building is erected, the sooner it can start earning a return on its owner's investment.


Material is ordered and supplied as per need and is made available to the construction site for assembling.


Handling of 12m bars is eliminated and neatness is improved, thus decreasing the risk of accidents and thefts.


Pace of construction can be manipulated according to needs by simply programming delivery dates with AF Star. This can also decrease construction time of Reinforced Concrete Structures.