We at MS Agarwal have been at the forefront of solving customer problems. We envisioned initially that construction in future would be affected by labour shortage and to overcome this issue, we were one among the first in country to introduce the concept of Cut & Bend steel. In Cut & Bend Steel customer has to just provide us with the drawings and we in turn make Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) which goes to customer for approval and once approved we manufacture steel as per customized shapes and forms , saving customer labour expenses to cut and bend steel which saves valuable time, pilferage, wastage etc. Let us look at the one of the most modern plant where we have imported steel from Schnell, Italy. The range of Cut & Bend offered by the company meets the maximum demands of the specific requirement of various infrastructure & Construction company.

AF Star Cut & Bend Advantage Minimum Maximum
Direct Benefits Amount Amount
5-8% savings in wastage when compared with conventional usage of 12 meters 2100 3360
1% savings on inventory holding(approximately 25 days) 400 400
Cutting and bending on conventional use of 12 meters(Labour Charges per ton) 3000 5500
Total cost incurred 5500 9260
Less recovery from sale of scarp 600 960
Net expenditure per ton on current practice 4900 8660
Note:Analysis done on the cost of steel @Rs 42,000 per Mt