“The First Rule of any Technology used in business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”.
“The Second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”.

Likewise, Our TMT making unit is equipped with all the latest machinery and technology. Induction Furnace (Capacity - 25 tones): An induction furnace uses a combination of electrical resistance and hysteresis losses to heat metal. The furnace heats the metal by exposing it to the magnetic field around a coil carrying alternating current. These enclosed structures use induction heating sources to produce heat for industrial purposes. In order to withstand long-term use, induction furnaces are made with a variety of heat-resistant (refractory) elements to. The enclosed space within the furnace holds the material, gas, or air being heated until the desired temperature (1650 – 1657 Degree Centigrade) is reached. Within an induction furnace, the heated area is easily controlled by the shape and size of the inductor coil, yielding a uniform, high-performance end-product. Molted steel from Furnace is tapped into a ladle and taken to the casting machine. Liquid steel, flows out of the ladle into the tundish and then into water-cooled mold. Solidification begins in the mold. The continuous Billets coming from the Caster is cut - out according to the length required. Then the billets are carried in to the rolling Mill through Direct Hot Charging process and are rolled into specific sections of finished material in the Rolling Mill Unit.

The Rolling Mill consists of an Oil-fired Re-heating furnace with a capacity of 50 M.T. per hour. The furnace is equipped with PLC based Combustion System to ensure uniform heating of the billets. The Mill has in-line continuous-stands driven by PLC based DC-Drives, combination of loppers, start-stop shears, producing TMT bars with controlled dimensions. The Mill is equipped with an Automatic Rake type Cooling Bed to efficiently handle Bars coming out at high speed of 20 mtrs per second. The unique bar handling feature is capable of lifting & packing the bar automatically, resulting in uniform number of bars per bundle.